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Pamphlet: Time, Space, Healing

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Time, space, matter, and physics are presented through the prism of spiritual, prayerful discernment in this compilation of articles and testimonies of healing. Learn how a clearer understanding of God leads to the realization of the insubstantiality of matter. Hear how several Christian Scientists think about time, space, and the healing results of this heightened spiritual understanding.

Table of Contents

"More Understanding, Less Matter" - Laurance Doyle
"Conversation with Geoffrey Barratt" - Jeffrey Hildner
"Beyond the Grapefruit" - Nathan A. Talbot
"In Spiritual Healing, Matter Doesn't Matter" - Corinne Jane Teeter.
Testimonies of Healing

This pamphlet is designed to fit in a pocket or purse. Paperback. 

The cover's background depicts The Christian Science Publishing House in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


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