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Pamphlet: Safety

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Safety is a themed collection. These articles and testimonies from The Christian Science Journal and the Christian Science Sentinelprovide powerful proof of God's ever-presence.  The articles offer a breadth ofideas—from simple affirmations of God's care to the metaphysics of our inherent safety, including the practical effect of daily defense, loving like Christ Jesus did, and knowing God as wholly good.  Share this collection with anyone who desires a sense of security.

Table of Contents

"A safe Refuge" - Jean Stark Hebenstreit
"Safe in Floodwaters" - Caludia McCracken
"Everyday Spiritual Self-defense" - Charle Ferris
"Securing Safety Through a Change of Heart" - Edward W. Little
Testimonies of Healing

This pamphlet is designed to fit in a pocket or a purse.  

The cover's background depicts The Christian Science Publishing House in boston, Massachusetts, USA.


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