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Pamphlet: Healing Animal Magnetism

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Compilation of articles and testimonies of healing previously published in the Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal on the important topic of handling (destroying) animal magnetism.

As one writer in this collection puts it, animal magnetism "is the belief that there is intelligence in matter and that evil is as real and more powerful than good." Each of these writers addresses this fundamental error squarely and clearly, showing how healing and progress come from dispelling it.

Table of Contents

"Christ Destroys Animal Magnetism" - William Milford Correll
"The Displacement of Dan by Manasseh" - Caroline Getty
"Handling Animal Magnetism in Healing" - E. Vera Gorringe Plimmer
"Spiritual Unity Nullifies Animal Magnetism" - Aileen E. Wavro
Testimonies of Healing

This pamphlet is designed to fit in a pocket or purse. Paperback. 

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