Pamphlet: To Be a Christian Science Practitioner

Pamphlet: To Be a Christian Science Practitioner

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To encourage those who desire to enter the public practice of Christian Science and to inspire those currently in the healing practice.

 What does it take to be a Christian Science practitioner? What qualities of thought? What kind of faith? What practical footsteps? Many whose hearts have been stirred by the healing love of God have asked those questions. This rich collection of articles and poems will anchor and uplift your healing practice by focusing on four key aspects of practicing Christian Science healing effectively:
  • Prepare to Practice Healing
  • Understand the Treatment of Prayer
  • Establish the Practice
  • Know What Is True
Table of Contents:
Prepare to Practice Healing
  • "The Desire to Heal," - J. Thomas Black
  • "Humility—'lens and prism,' " - Corinne Jane Teeter
  • "Integrity and Healing," - Naomi Price
Understand the Treatment of Prayer
  • "Upgrading Metaphysical Treatment," - Geoffrey J. Barratt
  • "Healing Is Not a Talking Cure," - Allison W. Phinney, Jr.
  • "The Simple Prayer that Transforms," - Keith Wommack
  • "Healing—Infinite Range, Perfect Precision," - Kari Mashos
  • "After the Call," (poem) - Lois Rae Carlson
Establish the Practice
  • "The Healing Practice of Christian Science: A Ministry and a Career," - Phil Davis
  • "Supply—and Going Into the Public Practice of Christian Science," - Timothy A. MacDonald
  • "Practitioner Charges and Love's Design," - Gail Menschel
Know What Is True
  • "Clearing Away the Fog," - Deborah Huebsch
  • "Divine Law: Uniquely Potent," - Geoffrey J. Barratt
  • "To Heal—Be Faithful to Truth," - Barbara Vining
  • "Inspiration for a Healer," - Paul Grimes
  • "The Practitioner," (poem) - Rosemary C. Cobham


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