Pamphlet: To Be a Christian Science Nurse

  • Pamphlet: To Be a Christian Science Nurse
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Collection of articles, testimonies, and poems that address different aspects of Christian Science nursing as a healing ministry.

 This collection of articles, testimonies, and poems asks the question, "What does it take to be a Christian Science nurse?" and answers it by considering the quality of thought as well as the practical footsteps needed to become a Christian Science nurse. Contains six articles, two poems, and two testimonies of healing that all relate to Christian Science nursing.

While these articles answer the questions of someone interested in Christian Science nursing as a profession, they also speak to anyone seeking ideas about how to bring the nurturing love of the Christ to any situation in need of comfort and healing.

Table of Contents

  • "Giving Evidence of God's Presence" - Margaret Rogers
  • "The Christly Demands of Christian Science Nursing" - Carol Davis Worley
  • "Love" (poem) - Virginia Thesiger
  • "Q&A: The Healing Mission of the Christian Science Nurse" - Panel of Christian Science nurses
  • "Exactly How Do I Become a Christian Science Nurse?" - Eva Boone Hussey
  • "The Theology of Care" - Geraldine Schiering
  • "She Was There for Me (A Tribute to a Christian Science nurse)" (poem) - Jan Kassahn Keeler
  • "The Spiritual Perception of a Christian Science Nurse" - Peter B. Vanderhoef
  • Testimonies of Healing


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