Pamphlet: Freedom from Addiction

Pamphlet: Freedom from Addiction

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The articles in this pamphlet address tough issues like substance abuse, addiction to prescription drugs, preoccupation about weight, and depression. When the heart cries out for better solutions, there is a way to claim freedom now.

These articles and testimonies show the way to gain a sense of well being through an awakened understanding of your relationship with God as His Son/Daughter. Everyone can be lifted out of what seems to be a hopeless situation- find out how.

Table of Contents:

1. Lost and Found: Nate Egan
2. To Be Free: Marcia Rosen-Kemp
3. I Stepped Off the Scales: Julie Ward
4. Always a Way Out: John Adams
5. Drawing and Withdrawal (poem): Rosemary Cobham
Testimonies of Healing

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